Melbourne wedding band


Come see us play!

We will be releasing the date of our next showcase soon. These private little soirรฉes happen in the northern suburbs, private house concert style. If you are interested in attending, please shoot us an email or use our contact us form.


We're passionate about making weddings and functions fun, stress-free and memorable occasions, for you and your guests.

With drums, guitar, bass and voice, we bring a dynamic range of sounds from soulful jazz to hip-poppin' dance numbers.


How do you like to party?

Chat with us about crafting an amazing day - walk down the aisle to your favourite song, unwind with smooth jazz over cocktails, let loose to the sounds of James Brown or Beyoncรฉ on the dance floor. 

Contact us to talk about making your wedding or function the perfect event.


What they say

We've had many a happy couple tell us they loved our music.

As soon as the band began, EVERYONE was on the dance floor.

- Anna and Tom
Accommodating, approachable, flexible, engaging... A one of a kind band.

- Ellen and Larry