Tell us about your wedding

Ceremony details

As well as the form we ask you to complete for your reception, we'd also love you to confirm some details about your ceremony. Here's a bit more info for you too.


By this point we should already have your song requests, but let's have them again below. Please also note when you would like us to play each song.

With our ceremony + reception package, you're entitled to four requests for the whole day. E.g. if you'd like three at the ceremony, no worries! We can then play one more at the reception. Or perhaps we can play one request during the ceremony and pump out three dance floor beauties in the evening. The power is yours.

Background music for your ceremony

We will provide 20 mins of easy listening music as your guests are entering and a song or two after the processional (unless we have to rush off to set up for the reception).

The form

Bride's name *
Bride's name
Groom's name *
Groom's name
Name and address please
if applicable
Any particular version? When in the ceremony will they be placed?
We can provide a battery setup so no stress either way. We just need to know what gear to pack.