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Reception Details

Not long to go now! So it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.

Below is important information for you to consider and a form to complete with everything we need to make your day run smoothly. You may have already sent us some of the info, but we ask you fill in all the fields so we have everything in one place.

You many need to get some information from the venue before completing the form, so have a read before filling it out.

Important information

Emergency contact

Just in case something goes wrong, we'd love a phone number for someone in the bridal party, so we don't have to bother you. It's your day and we will do our best to only ask you something if absolutely necessary. Plus, in 8 years we have NEVER had to call an emergency contact.


Our preference is to receive cash on the night. You can give this task to a reliable family member so we don't have to ask you about it before we leave.

If cash won't work for you, we'll send you an invoice and you can transfer the funds. Let us know who we should make the invoice out to (full name, email and postal address please).


As part of our contract we ask to receive a meal at the reception. We've already sent through our dietary requirements - we would love it if you could pass these onto the venue.


Although we probably have your requests, please list them below, just to make sure.

5 you love. 5 you hate.
By now you should have received our Mega Song List. Please specify below five songs on the list that you love and five you hate. This helps us put together a set of songs you'll love. Oh, and disregard the "ballads" section of our song list - we only ever play these songs if specifically requested.

Bridal waltz
We'll often be involved in your first dance, whether we're playing your song or helping facilitate the iPod. Let us know more about how we can help in the field below.

NOTE: Our PA takes a standard headphone jack. If your have an iphone 7 please make sure you bring along your adaptor. 

We'll bring an iPod with us to play in between sets. It's full of music in the same style that we play live, and is tried and tested to suit the mood as the evening progresses.

Please let us know if you would rather use your own iPod in between sets, or if you will be playing songs on an iPod at certain points in the evening, e.g. the bridal dance. If so, please make sure:

  • songs are well labelled in their own playlists

  • the passcode on the device is SWITCHED OFF so we can access the iPod/press play for you when the time is right.

  • If you have an iphone 7, please bring along the headphone adaptor. See note under 'ipod'.

NOTE: If there is going to be a large break (more than 20mins) in between our dance sets, or if you're planning on finishing the night with recorded music, it's advisable for you to provide your own iPod.

Speeches and using our PA

You are more than welcome to use our PA. However, we do not have a wireless microphone. Your guests are welcome to use our PA but will have to stand where the band is set up. If you’d like the freedom of a wireless microphone, we recommend asking the venue or contacting an equipment hire company. Things for you to consider:

  • Where is the band going to be setup in the room?

  • Is this a long way away from guests, i.e. will it be weird/disconnected?

Run sheet

We will require a run sheet to plan our sets for the evening. Run sheets always throw up questions for us so the sooner we take a look the better. We also understand that you may not have a final version yet and that it may change but we'd love to see a working copy ASAP.

Please email us a run sheet if you have one, or enter as much info as you can below.

The form

It's a long one. But it means we can make your wedding amazing.

Lovebird number 1's name *
Lovebird number 1's name
Lovebird number 2's name *
Lovebird number 2's name
Name, phone number, role in the bridal party?
Name and address please
The name of your contact at the venue and their direct phone number or email address
Payment method *
Full name, email and postal address
Meals *
Name of song, artist and version if applicable. You can even give us the youtube link! Please also specify when you would like it played.
eg First dance? Father daughter? Last song of the night? As people are eating? It's up to you!
Name of song, artist and version if applicable. You can even give us the youtube link! Please also specify when you would like it played.
eg First dance? Father daughter? Last song of the night? As people are eating? It's up to you!
What's your song? Played by us or an iPod?
Is your dance choreographed? *
From our Full Song List
From our Full Song List
iPod *
Will you be using our ipod for music in between sets?
Will you use our PA for speeches? *
Photographer, florist, cake, dress etc. We love to know the people we’ll be working alongside. It’s a lovely small community of vendors here in Melbourne.
Have you sent us one? If not, please email us a runsheet or provide as much information as possible below.
Even if we are not playing at the ceremony it's good for us to know if the ceremony and reception are to be held in the same location. This will effect when we set up on the day.
For example:
Do you have any other entertainment booked for the evening?
Will half the reception be held outside and the other half inside?
Are the canapés being held in a different location than the rest of the evening (only a concern if you want us to play during canapés)?
Will there be a petting zoo? A firebreather? (jokes)