Wedding Receptions

Looking to create a joyous and welcoming atmosphere at your reception? Early in the evening, let us create the backdrop with a repertoire of smooth jazz and easy listening. It’s music to enhance the evening not take it over, worked in to fit around speeches and meals.

Get your groove on

As the evening progresses, we'll turn it up and get the dance floor jumping with a setlist of R’n’B, funk, vintage soul and dance hits. 

Music for everyone

We place an emphasis on making your reception enjoyable for all your guests, playing music everyone will love despite the generation gap. Put plainly, we want to get your Granny gyrating.


A standard reception package purchase includes two requests that we'll learn for your event. Popular moments to choose a song for include entry of the bridal party, first dance, father daughter dance or your favourite banger to light up the dancefloor. 

Wedding ceremonies

Little Buster Brown can make your ceremony perfect with beautiful acoustic music tailored to your schedule. The standard ceremony package purchase is for 2 musicians, guitar and vocals.

Request two songs for us to learn specifically for you during the ceremony and choose others from our list to fill the remaining moments of the ceremony with song. 

We also play background music as your guests arrive.